How to Take Care of Your Beard: 5 Simple Steps I The Kings of Styling
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Beard Care in 5 Simple Steps

Every guy knows that time and effort goes into maintaining a perfect beard appearance. It’s not something that just happens over night. It requires the right products, attention, and process to keep your luxurious beard looking its finest. 

If you are new to the world of beard grooming, or you are looking to mix up your routine for something more effective, then we’re happy to provide you with 5 simple steps for taking care of your beard today. Are you ready to get started?


How to Care for Your Beard


  1. Allow it To Grow At First: When it comes to beard grooming, you want to allow your beard to grow in as much as possible before you start sculpting it. In order to avoid those bald patches, you need to have a longer-than-desired beard (at first). Right now, during quarantine, is a great time to explore your beard length and fullness potential before you have it perfectly sculpted to your face. Patience is key in the beginning. Prepare for a 4-6 week grow period.


  1. Wash it With Specialized Beard Products: You wouldn’t use regular face soap on your hair, right? So why would you use it on your beard? Exactly. You need beard-specific shampoo and conditioner, which you can get through our Kings of Styling platform. These products will help you keep your beard from getting dried out. They’re easy to travel with and fit inside any kind of bag or backpack. 


  1. Bring On the Beard Oil: Although shampoo and conditioner are important for nourishing your beard hair, beard oil will take it one step further and ward off beard dandruff (none of us want that). We carry a specialized beard oil you can apply to your hands and rub into your beard every day as you head out the door.


  1. Keep it From Getting Tangled: Yes, beards can get tangled, just like regular hair. If you want to keep your beard untangled, you need a beard brush. We carry both beard brushes and beard combs that are compact in size and easy for packing. Your beard deserves a nice brushing every day.


  1. Trim it As Needed: Your beard grows every day, much like your hair. It’s going to require some trimming to keep it presentable and perfectly sculpted. This is best done at home with a beard trimmer, helping you to give it a little shape. Choose between different attachments to find one that works for you. If you can’t stand the idea of trimming, there is always the barber’s shop right down the road!


Here at the Kings of Styling, we want you to have access to everything you need for a well-kept beard. Your beard deserves tender love and care, which is why we carry everything from beard brushes and beard oils, to other essential beard care products. 


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