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Highland - Glacial Clay Pomade


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Product Details

Designed for everyone, Highland's Glacial Clay Pomade is helping people everywhere to have incredible hair. Their 9 ingredient formula allows you to style with precision while conditioning and nourishing your hair and scalp with thoughtfully selected ingredients.


    • Low Shine, Medium Hold
    • Designed in Boulder, Colorado
    • Produced in Los Angeles, California
    • Container, sourced from infinitely recyclable and post-consumer recycled aluminum.
    • 2.1 oz

    Directions for use: Grab a penny-sized scoop, warm it in your hands, and apply it to damp hair. Style to your liking. There’s no one-size-fits-all, adjust use and volume to your needs.


    Beeswax - For hold, seals moisture into your hair.
    Vegetable Glycerin - For product feel. Softens smooths and retains moisture.
    Kaolin Clay - Promotes circulation and detoxification.
    Canadian Glacial Clay - Moisturizing, texturizing, and cleansing.
    Jojoba Oil - Moisturizes, conditions, protects.
    Arrowroot - Removes excess oil and volumizes.
    Shea Butter - Vitamin & Mineral rich. Promotes healthy sebum and growth.
    Vitamin E - Natural antioxidant to promote scalp and hair health. Natural preservative.
    Essential Oil Blend - Your new effortless aroma.