In 2013, Crux Supply Co. set out on a mission to develop better skincare and grooming products for men and women. In an industry overrun by harsh chemicals and deceptive labeling, They want to be known for honesty and simplicity. When it comes to ingredients, they seek the best natural and organic alternatives for your skin—like cane sugar for exfoliation and essential oils for fragrance.

The same level of care goes into the process: They make every formula by hand in small batches in rural Pennsylvania. their collection is growing to address the gamut of grooming needs, from shaving to skincare. Through it all, their passion remains: products of integrity for those who follow suit.

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Crux Supply Co. - Tea Tree Toner
1 review
Crux Supply Co. - Willow Bark Toner
1 review
Crux Supply Co. - Post Shave Tonic
Crux Supply Co. - Styling Pomade
1 review
Crux Supply Co. - Citrus Salt Exfoliator
3 reviews
Crux Supply Co. - Charcoal Face Scrub
3 reviews
Crux Supply Co. - Hand Salve
3 reviews
Crux Supply Co. - Shave Soap
Crux Supply Co. - Charcoal Grit Bar
Crux Supply Co. - Facial Oil
1 review
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