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Top 4 Benefits of Wet Shaving

Where would we be without our shaving tools? To shave is to be a modern man, sleek in appearance, and stylish in presentation. Shaving is a part of who we are, and it has been with us since the beginning of time. Therefore, there have been countless different approaches to this kind of grooming, which is why we want to make the case for wet shaving today.

If you want to know more reasons why you should consider wet shaving for your man sculpting, check out the major reasons below:


  1. It’s the Closest, Smoothest Shave Available: When you use a stainless steel shaving kit, you are engaging in the smoothest, closest shave available. It’s better than dragging multiple blades across your face – it’s one, singular, sharp blade that gets the job done. A multi-blade razor can irritate the skin, causing problems, bumps and ingrown hairs. With the exceptional lather than comes from our stainless steel shaving kit, you can reduce or even eliminate the after-shave skin complications. 


  1. It’s More Cost Effective: Although the price of a stainless steel shaving kit at first may seem to be more than a regular razor, know that over-time, the amount of razors you will have to buy will greatly outweigh the singular kit price. You can save hundreds of dollars by investing in one kit that will provide you with a soft, effective shave every single time. And, it will last you decades.


  1. It’s Paying Homage to Tradition: Wet shaving is the most historic form of shaving. It’s remembering when tradition was valued around the world, when dads shaved with their sons in the bathroom. If you remember your grandfather shaving this way, it’s because wet shaving is still the most effective way to get a clean shave today. Recapture the moments of your childhood and the classiness of the past when you break out your stainless steel shaving kit.


  1. It’s Better for the Planet: Wet shaving is much more environmentally friendly than regular razors. When you buy the 10-20 razor pack, you are throwing those plastic razors out into the landfill, along with the plastic packaging. This piles up over time. When you using a sustainable stainless steel shaving kit, you are creating no waste. It’s a kit that will last you decades while you forgo the wasteful plastic purchasing habits.


Make time for yourself today. You deserve to feel – and look – great! Here at The Kings of Styling, we provide a high quality, sustainable shaving kit that will help you engage in the best wet shaving possible. Check out our signature stainless steel shaving kit today and let us know if you have any questions: