The Top 5 Benefits of Using All Natural Soaps Vs. Heavy Chemical Soaps I The Kings of Styling
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Benefits of Using All Natural Soaps Vs. Heavy Chemical Soaps

We’ve all done it – we buy the cheap, harsh, chemically-constructed soaps from the pharmacy or retail store on our way home from work. It’s what’s easy, so we do it over and over again. The problem is: do you know what this cheap soap is doing to your skin? Exactly.

Stop buying the toxic cheap soap and opt for all natural soap options today. Here’s why:

  1. They Are Cruelty-Free: All natural soaps are also vegan soaps, which means that no animal byproducts were used in the making of the soap. Even better, these soaps were not tested on animals in the process of finalizing the product, which means they are a cruelty-free consumer option. If you want to invest in products that were created without exploiting animals, vegan soaps are the answer.
  1. They Are Organic and Environmentally-Friendly: All natural soaps use natural, pristine ingredients from Mother Nature in the finalizing of the formula. These organic ingredients are grown without chemicals and pesticides, both of which can pollute the air, water, and soil in-time. Plus, these natural, small batch ingredients can be managed and maintained without harming the environment in mass farming techniques. 
  1. They Are Healthier for You: Your skin is the largest organ on your body. What you rub on it/into it can impact your health. Natural soaps were not made with chemical sprays, fertilizers, or animal experimentation, which means you are rubbing nothing but natural ingredients like oils and shea butters onto your skin. If you knew you were accidentally inserting chemicals into your body, wouldn’t you stop?
  1. Natural Healing Properties: Since vegan and all natural soaps are made with essential oils, aloe, coconut oil, turmeric, honey, etc. as the main ingredients, these soaps tend to have additional healing properties for the skin. They can nourish, hydrate, and treat eczema and other dry skin conditions. These soaps can also support younger, more vibrant looking skin. 
  1. Antioxidant Agent: Antioxidants are attributed with not only cleaning your blood and flushing your body of toxins, but they can also help in slowing the skin’s aging process while rejuvenating your appearance. Antioxidants can make you look more “rested” than ever before.

Commercial soaps in stores today are constructed using dangerous chemicals, animal testing, and wasteful farming techniques that are destroying the planet. We’ve made a commitment to carry only natural soap products here at The Kings of Styling, which is why we carry vegan, all natural, organic and chemical/preservative-free soap that is safe for your skin. We only get one bodily skin in this lifetime, which is why we believe you should treat yours with tender love and care.

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